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Povratak prirodi je akreditovana predškolska ustanova. Nalazimo se na tri lokacije, u Zemunu i na Voždovcu.

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Voždovac, Borisavljevićeva 76

We are situated near Autokomanda, at the mouth of Borisavljeviceva and Kumodraska Street, just far enough from the car noise not to hear it at all.

Our house on three floors we call The Palace of Vozd. From the inside and outside it is a living museum that constantly has new exhibitions. The exhibits are created by the children and the educators. Besides the art shows, science is extremely present in the Palace. The children take care of plants and animals that grow and develop along with them and they grow into nature lovers and its guardians.

Besides engaging the children creatively, they have a handful of educational activities and they are physically active. The additional activities we offer are capoeira and acting classes.

About the people who work with your children and how they work with them you can read on the pages: Return to Nature's ID, Person that educates, Workshops.

The programme is carried out in more than 400 square feet of the interior and also in our courtyard under the pine trees.

Below are the photos that speak more than words, but you will experience the atmosphere the best when you come to the kindergarten. Contact form is at the top of the page.

Zahvaljujemo se Tamari Zidar na ustupljenim fotografijama.



Zemun, Prizrenska 27

Imagine your child in the yard as big as a farm. Imagine on the farm an open house on the tree and a smaller, closed, wooden house turned into a Maya temple ChicenIcu. There is a large orchard and a minor vegetable garden. In the middle of it there is a space to run and play different games where will your children spend most of the day, gaining important knowledge about life.

The interior is not any smaller and less interesting. Only to come and go out you will get the impression you were in an art colony. And your children will spend the days there. How much aesthetic inspiration to boost the creativity!

Besides physical activities outside and art, our programme is spiced with science that is adapted to children up to 4. In this way we encourage their curiosity. We are always in the one of the zones of the following development. Ever since 2, we prepare them to be independent and nature responsible persons. When they turn 5 they move on towards the preparations for school to our Higher preschool institution Danube Platz, Pregrevica.

The additional activities are karate and drama lessons.

Ko radi sa vašom decom i kako s njima radimo, pročitajte na stranicama: Lična karta povratka, Ličnost koja vaspitava, Radionice

Šta naši roditelji misle o nama pročitajte ovde, a aktuelnosti, kao i stručni pedagoški i psihološki tekstovi dostupni su vam na našem blogu.

Pogledajte fotografije Zemunskog salaša, kako zovemo ovaj zemunski vrtić. Pozivamo vas da dođete, jer u prirodi sve izgleda još bolje. Kontakt formular se nalazi na vrhu strane. Pišite nam.




Zemun, Pregrevica 96

In Zemun, Pregrevica, above the Danube, we have created a SCIENTIFIC CENTRE FOR CHILDREN OF 5 AND 6 YEARS – for preschool and pre-preschool children.

This revolutionary pedagogic project we have humbly called Higher Preschool Institution Povratak prirodi where we implement the regular preparation preschool programme, accredited by the Ministry of Education and Technological Development. The revolutionary thing is a cognitive homogenization of the children and heterogeneity of the educators.

We have created a unique space that will be led by the professional team of scientists from the areas of social and natural science that are permanently employed in our Preschool Institution Povratak prirodi. They will boost the children’s curiosity and provide them the unique inspiration for the further development of their interests.

We have designated the contents like the insect room, aqua phone systems, and research laboratories for children, roof gardens with endemic and relict plant species and the special installation: bio-geographic zonalities of the planet Earth. Have we caught your attention? Find out more! Find out more!

Da li će vaše dete postati student-predškolac? Kontakt formular se nalazi na vrhu strane. Pišite nam i saznajte da li ima mesta.


011/407 4526 (Voždovac)
011/307 6745 (Zemun vrtić)
011 401 6199 (Zemun predškolsko)