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The educational and upbringing concept of Povratak prirodi is consisted of two levels – care of the children`s nature and care of the planet. We strive to bring nature closer to the city children. Thus, our practice is to organize outdoor activities on a daily basis and to use natural materials, without fear of getting dirty.

This environment is encouraging and suitable for development of the true child`s nature, liberated of the false needs of the consumer society – a child needs a play and friends, rather than having an expensive toy!



Ecology is an important part of our everyday routine, not just a theoretical lecture from a textbook. Our goal is to raise ecological awareness spontaneously, through child play, starting from an early age. Our philosophy does not imply the idea of going back to the wilderness, but to return the nature to the city, to make it greener. The green city is a city that honors the green principles. Thinking green means not only to act according to one’s nature, but to take care not to degrade the natures of the others.

Practically, this means that tolerance is an imperative, empathy is quite desirable, and the natures are nurturing each other. Caring about flora and fauna around us is a huge step towards our personal growth. Furthermore, by creating your own compost, you already are an important part of the self-sustainability chain. The chain begins with a seed, ends with a ripe product, which leftovers will be a part of the new compost. When you include a child in this enclosed process, you help him/her think green. This is essential for children’s understanding that food does not grow in the supermarket, but demands a huge effort, work and devotion.


Each child is a precious, unique individual who develops according to its own rhythm and capacities. Besides the predefined program goals, our children spend a lot of time in free activities. It often happens that the new goals are being created and defined during these activities. We believe that children make choices which are close to their actual needs. This is why the interests of each child are carefully monitored.



Povratak prirodi (Return to Nature) refers to two upbringing processes we nurture. One includes the particular approach towards the individual nature of every child. Child acquires knowledge only if it is in accordance with its own nature. This is rarely possible if the adults are imposing the information that is not primarily close to child’s needs and interests. Child learns when it has a freedom to explore and to discover on his/her own. We call this approach ‘learning through projects’, children see it as – learning by playing.

The other part of our Return to Nature concept refers to Nature itself. The urban environment and urban lifestyle alienates people not only from Nature, but also from themselves. Our mission is to return Nature to the city child. When it develops connection and relationship with Nature at early age, the city child carries it in its heart for whole life. We offer Nature as an alternative for urban contents such as cartoons, video games, commercial toys. Nature opens a child’s mind and strengthens its attention, while urban contents diminish it.


We insist on creative freedom, and freedom as a whole, respecting the rule „the right to swing my arms in any direction ends where your nose begins”.



Spending time in the kindergarten includes daily workshops with educators and professional associates. We provide children with breakfast, fruit snack, lunch and dessert. Resting time or time for quiet activities for children who do not sleep is included in daily schedule.


Children aged from 2 to 6 years .


Work days
from 7am to 6pm.


style="color: #ffffff;">Povratak prirodi is accredited preschool institution, which enables the use of city subsidies. Moreover, the quality of our programs is recognized and acknowledged by Serbian Ministry of Education and Technological Development, UNICEF, Institute for the Advancement of Education and Institute for Pedagogy and Andragogy.

Povratak prirodi is situated in three locations:



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