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Did you know that before going to school, a child learns mostly by replicating a model? A child is not brought up solely by a program. The most important is a person who educates.

Povratak prirodi exists for 10 years now. Thanks to our upbringing philosophy, significant programs and ways of approaching children, we have become recognizable to colleagues, the expert public and wider audience all across the region. In November 2017, we proudly received the official professional recognition for our work. Expert public has recognized us as a kindergarten with good practices (besides Swedish and Italian kindergarten)

The public outreach has helped us find and recognize the right educators who completely understand and live our philosophy. Over the years, a large number of enthusiastic teachers, artists and scientists have contacted us, willing to bring their work closer to the children. Today, the team of Povratak prirodi consists of these enthusiasts. They are not external associates, but permanently employed staff.

Today, our team is consisted of preschool educators, pedagogues, psychologist, speech therapist, music teacher, art teacher, teacher of physical education, professors of foreign languages, biologists, geographer, sociologist, linguist, literature professor, defectologist.

‘Believe me – my perspective on the content that is being offered to children has completely changed since I am in Povratak prirodi. I am angry with the fact that it is ultra-modern to serve the children hypnotizing kid`s songs, stereotyped cartoons, expensive toys… Do you know what our children play with? With everything they find in the yard (which is a world for itself: spacious, with the garden, sandstone, little tree house and a tree classroom... Simply said – a farm in the heart of the city!) They play with cardboard boxes. Clay. Colors. Children use their imagination. Just like we used to play.’
(Djurdja Pokrajac, professor of Serbian language and literature)
You can take a peak of our educators in the photo album here educators


For us – kindergarten is a home. That is why in our kindergarten we do not have the forbidden rooms and doors locked for children. The walls are not the boundaries which divide children, but the platforms for children`s work. Colorful interior encourages children to create, build their self-esteem, as well as their own style and aesthetic taste.

During the day, children regularly change the rooms and work with various teachers. One of the central classrooms is the big yard, so going outside is a part of an everyday routine.



You will never see our daily timetable. Do you honestly believe that the best way of learning includes discussion about one topic from 10 to 10.30 and then its ending since the other subject should start? We have a different approach.

A child learns about life from the life itself, not from some kind of partial reality. For a child, life is a spontaneous play. Through that play the child can freely explore, observe, and ask questions… As a result – it can draw conclusions.

We arranged the program to be in a coherence with a spontaneous play. At the same time all the areas that encourage the overall development of a child’s personality are covered. This is accomplished through integrated planning and by children’s participation on the projects.

By using integrated planning we approach a topic from various angles and we address it multidisciplinary and holistically. There is no strict divergence of the topic to separate elements such are: speech development, logical/mathematical intelligence, science, art and similar. The emphasis is on creation, not the result itself. In the process of creation, through proper professional guidance, the children spontaneously activate all of their intellectual capacities. Thus, they develop speech, logical/mathematical intelligence, artistic, motor intelligence and all the others. Through the project approach to education, children are constantly being monitored and mentored by the adults, but through their active participation in discovering reality.


The importance of music that children listen to is immeasurable for their development. Music increases attention and boosts intelligence. Listening to different music genres helps children to develop their own musical taste.

In Povratak prirodi we listen to rock, jazz, blues, classical music, music that creates positive feelings, world music such as our original folk music, canzone, chansons, bossa nova… The program itself determines our musical choice. Don’t be surprised to hear some tribal rhythms, or even some old songs you haven’t heard for years when you come by.

Besides their own profession, most of our teachers are musically gifted and educated. Through music, they represent the program; through music, they lead the children. Children regularly practice rhythms, singing, playing various instruments with their music teacher, performing solo or in a band.

The program of Povratak prirodi has been accredited by the Ministry of Education and Technological Development.

UNICEF has presented our kindergarten as kindergarten with good practices: Povratak prirodi, side by side with the best European kindergartens. (linkovati poslednju recenicu na stranu sajta sa tekstom)

Enrollment is opened year round. Please fill in the form and check if we have vacancy. Child’s age is required. Questionnaires sent after 3pm or over the weekend will be reviewed the next day i.e. on Monday. Thank you!

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