• Salaš (a farm) in the very heart of the city?

  • A kindergarten hidden from the noise, comfortably placed in a spacious courtyard among trees?

  • Is there a more inspiring place to grow up in?

When you open the large, wooden doors at Prizrenska 27 street, the atmosphere of our farm spreads all around! Both children and adults instantly put a wide smile on their faces. From the moment you cross the doorstep, you are welcomed by the army of colors: a colony of rubber boots and lots of creative projects are waving from the floor to the ceiling of the hallway. From the first sight, it is easy to realise that you entered the house where the laws celebrate freedom, creativity, nature, children.

From the creative hallway, the path leads straight to the door of the house.

You were expecting pink or blue walls with cartoon characters on it? You will not find it in this house. Our walls are colorful testimonies of children’s presence. And they change and grow together with the children.

Besides children’s art, the walls are covered with book shelves and toys – constructors, puzzles, cubes. There is also a children’s kitchen and a market, some of the favorite spots for playing and daydreaming.

The house is spacious and bright. Rooms often change their outfit and adapt to activities and programs. The central part of each room has spacious place from where all the activities start – from the circle, formed by children. In the circle, we are all equal, connected, well heard and seen, which are the basics for work and harmony in our house.

Next to the rooms where we study, grow, play, rest… the house has a kitchen which always smells like home. Not rarely, you can meet kids cooking togehter with a chef, preparing snacks for friends.

In front of the house – a spacious yard full of life: orchard, vegetable garden, symbiotic garden, lawn, wooden classroom, sandstone, kitchen, climbing area, wooden house similar to the Mayan temple Chichen-Itza…

Our children take care of the plants, but also of our pets: gecko, snake, insects. Living together with animals, children meet the responsibility – they regularly check if the animals have fresh food and water, good temperature conditions, proper hygiene in their houses and terrariums. Also, they learn to be cautious and to respect nature. The favourite part is when animals eat salad or insects from our own production! At the same time, children have the opportunity to watch the life processes of different species – they observe reptiles skin shedding, winter sleep, life process of one flower, the life cycle of an insect… This way, children practice fine and gross motor skills, learn the laws of causality, observe processes in nature, become ecologically aware.

The yard is an enormous classroom with no walls that provides an incredible range of opportunities for learning and research on a daily basis!

The organization and equipment of our spaces are very important for the upbringing process, which is in accordance with the educational philosophy of Povratak prirodi. Active participation of children age 2 to 4 years in programs based on the ’thinking green’ principle is the foundation for the future sustainable development of our Planet. As children grow up, together with their peers, they move to the Dunav Platz, our Preschool for children aged 5 and 6, where they continue to grow and prepare for the school in a unique way.

Zemunski salaš – age 2 to 4 years

Prizrenska 27, Zemun
tel: (011) 307 67 45; 307 67 53

Povratak prirodi - Dunav platz

Zemun preschool, age 5 & 6 years

Pregrevica 96, Zemun
tel: (011) 401 61 99

Dedinje, age 2 to 7 years

Čakorska 8, Dedinje
tel: (011) 6702 063