Every day, in our kindergarten, we prove that it is possible to experience Nature with all our senses in the very heart of the city! In order to provide the education for sustainable development, we strive to preserve, support and develop the sense of complete belonging to Nature. Therefore, we use nature and natural phenomena as an authentic didactic tools, which support the development of logic, the adoption of cause-and-effect knowledge, the introduction of natural processes,  and foster the true curiosity for the world around us. At the same time, processes in nature teach children responsibility, work habits, empathy and coexistence of a man with other people, plants and animals.

That is why the children of Povratak prirodi plant, dig, harvest, grow food and monitor the production process from sowing seeds to consuming, observe and study natural processes that take place in the immediate environment – in pots, yards, neighborhood, roof garden, aquaponics and hydroponic system… They also nurture animals (such as geckoes, degu, tarantulas, agamas).

Nature and natural processes provide a priceless range of stimul for children from the earliest age. The ray of sunshine captures the attention during the first stroll of a newborn; barefoot walking on the grass, sitting on the dock of the bay, observing the ants colony or bird flight easily catch the attention and bring lots of impressions to a child.

For us, nature is:

– a teacher of life who reminds us that we are not alone in this world, but we live in symbiosis with plants, animals, people

-valuable replacement for the urban contents (such as cartoons, computer games, ready-made toys)

-the best didactic tool for teaching and learning

– a brilliant tool for developing responsibility, working habits, empathy

– platform for encouraging curiosity

– the best lesson for cause-and-effect conclusion learning

– Inexhaustible source of inspiration for creativity